MN Free-mo New Members Policy

Minnesota Free-mo Modelers is a group of railroad enthusiasts dedicated to building and operating detailed, prototypically-oriented HO and N Scale modules in the Twin Cities Minnesota area. The MFMM welcomes new members of any skill level as long as they are committed to quality construction and realistic model railroading as well as to contributing as good citizens to the betterment of the group and its layout.

There are no dues required of MFMM members. Members will adhere to the national Free-mo standards and the MFMM Recommended Practices. The MFMM layout and equipment is entirely private property. The layout is built and is run principally for the enjoyment of the module owners. They have established the following guidelines to encourage new members in joining them in the fun of building and running large, prototypically inspired model railroads.

1. If you are interested in learning more about MN Free-mo, contact one of the current members or Click here to send an email. Minors (under 18 years of age) fall under special guidelines (below).

2. After contacting a group member and learning the basics of what Free-mo is all about, you will be warmly welcomed to participate in group events as a Guest. Events include not just set ups where a layout is operated, but also build sessions and social gatherings. By attending as a Guest you will learn more about Free-mo and will be better equipped to design your own first module. Please note that a Run Chief may set particular guidelines for Guest operations at any given set up. Any Guest must have made prior contact with the Run Chief prior to any event to ask about guidelines for the event. The MFMM does not allow non-owners to simply arrive at a set up and run their equipment without some prior arrangement and Guest status.

3. Continued access to the layout at set-ups requires that you contribute to the building, running and teardown of the layout at a set-up. After participating as a Guest, individuals are expected to design and construct a Free-mo compliant module. Please understand that a good looking, well functioning Free-mo module requires a certain level of commitment of time and money. If you are not prepared to make those investments, Free-mo is not for you. Individuals are also expected to provide their own throttles at set ups. Locomotives and rolling stock must be in good operational condition. Any problematic equipment that detracts from the layout or its operations can be removed from the layout at any time by any Run Chief.

We are an open, friendly, welcoming group and have a strong interest in having more individuals join us in the fun. But individuals must understand that module owners invest a considerable amount of time and money and have an expectation that their access to the layout will not be hindered or reduced by activities of non-owners.  Module owners, acting by way of the Run Chief of any event, have the right to deny access to their modules and the layout to non-owners.

Minors Policy

Minnesota Free-mo Modelers is a group for adults (18 years and over). Minors may have access to the layout by way of the responsibility of their parent or legal guardian, who must be a Guest or module owner, and must be actively involved in the railroad.

If you are a minor with an interest in Free-mo model railroading, contact the group by way of your parent or legal guardian. Your parent or legal guardian must be actively involved in MFMM activities (see our new members policy about learning about Free-mo, participating as a Guest, and transitioning to an owner). We do not appreciate circumstances where minors are involved with the layout but parents or legal guardians are present but passive. Run Chiefs will act accordingly.

Minors must have a legal guardian with them at all times at all MN Free-mo group activities.