HO Scale

The Free-Mo modular standard derives from the Fremo standard popular in Europe.   Free-Mo differs from other modular standards in several important ways:

  • Emphasis is on defining track and electrical connections at the ends, leaving the shape and size of the bulk of the module largely up to the builder.  Free-Mo layouts can curve and snake about in interesting ways.
  • Emphasis is on building modules with realistic scenery and which can be operated prototypically.  Free-Mo layouts look good and operate well.
  • DCC control. 
  • Three simple bus lines running through all modules allow for the operation of dozens of trains.
  • Viewable and operable from both sides.  Free-Mo layouts are user-friendly.

For all mechanical and electrical aspects, the Minnesota Free-Mo Modelers build their modules to conform to the national Free-mo organization’s standards, www.free-mo.org, which are located here.  This makes our modules compatible with modules from many other Free-Mo groups around North America.  Our modules depict either generic scenes widely adaptable to different times and locations, or they represent scenes based generally on the past couple of decades in Midwest terrain, with a wide latitudinal spread from the seasonal north to the arid south.    Urban and rural geographies can be found in our railroad world.

We have collected useful tips and tricks and put them here for easy retrieval.

Other considerations for modules in our group are found in our Recommended Practices.