HO – Recommended Practices

Recommended practices are “strongly encouraged” by the active members of the Minnesota Free-Mo Modelers and were chosen by consensus.

RP-1. Fascia Color. Module fascias are to be painted Glidden 70GY 08/075, “Northwest Green” in an eggshell or semi-gloss finish. This color is also used by other Midwest Free-mo groups. Adopted December 2005.

RP-2. Mainline Ballast. Beginning January 2023, Single- or double-track mains are to be ballasted with Arizona Rock and Mineral UP Gray Blend HO (product number 1352). Replaces Smith and Son product which is no longer available.

RP-3. Scenery Color. Scenery will be done in summer colors. Adopted March 2009.

RP-4. Module Certification. All new modules will be certified for operational readiness prior to their first show. Adopted March 2009.

RP-5. Module Development. After a new module’s first show, the module will demonstrate scenic and detail progression at each subsequent show until complete. Adopted March 2009.

RP-6. Non-Mainline Radius. The through route on all non-mainline track shall have a radius of 36 inches or greater and shall be included at the discretion of the run chief. Adopted March 2009.